Burger Joints in Florida


To determine the number of burger joints in Florida and their general overview.

Early Findings

  • Le Chick Miami and LoKal Miami are some of the burger joints in Florida.
  • Many of these joints are startups and privately-owned and hence, they have not publicly shared their revenues and do not have a well-defined CMO.

Le Chick Miami

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LoKal Miami

  • LoKal was founded on December 24, 2011, by owner Matthew Kuscher.
  • LoKal is the “first restaurant in Miami-Dade County to use 100% clean, renewable energy sourced from wind and solar power.”
  • The restaurant is made of a seven-member team that oversees the brand's operation.

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Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
As the initial research only touched on providing an overview of two burger joints, we recommend continuing the research to provide a competitive landscape of 15-20 burger joints in Florida.
Alternatively, we can provide both personal and professional information of CEOs and CMOs of each burger joint provided in the first section as available.
Since the burger joints in Florida are many, we could also provide a general overview of these joints. The information included in the report will be the general company overview, the number of locations the business operates and its headquarter, the CEO and CMO as available, the number of employees, and the revenue if available. We could provide 15-20 companies, or as many as you'd recommend.