Wayhome and Divvy Homes


To provide the following information on Wayhome and Divvyhomes: founding date, vision , value propositions , markets they operate in , number of employees , capital raised , revenue , business model , Go-To-Market model , target customer , and competitors.

Early Findings


  • Wayhome, formerly known as Unmortgage, was founded on the 1st of June 2016. However, the company is yet to be launched, neither has its founders announced the proposed launch date.
  • The company's vision is to "help aspiring homeowners take their first steps towards homeownership."
  • Value Proposition - Wayhome is unlocking a new way to acquire a home. Since its inception, the company has been entering into partnerships with "institutional investors" to help aspiring homeowners. These institutional investors will help Wayhome customers buy their homes with the little deposit the aspiring home owner has (a 5% deposit). The home owner will then have to pay the rent of the 95% paid for by Wayhome's investors while gradually buying it back from them.
  • Wayhome operates in the following markets/industries: property, home finance, and investment.
  • Wayhome has raised 10 million Pounds in two funding rounds in October 2017 and September 2018.
  • The company's target customers are first time aspiring home owners in England.


  • Divvy Homes was founded in 2017.
  • The company considers homeownership valuable and believes "it should be accessible to more people." The company therefore helps prospective homeowners search for available homes, negotiate with the sellers, and purchase the house for the buyer with only a 2% down payment.
  • Divvy finds "cities where owning a home makes good financial sense, and then offer renters the ability to transition to homeownership with our 3 year program."
  • The company serves the real estate market in top US cities like Atlanta, Cleveland, Memphis, St. Louis, Dallas, and Tampa.


In this research, we have provided the founding date, vision , value propositions , markets they operate in , number of employees , capital raised , revenue , and target customers of Wayhome and Divvy Homes. However, we could not provide the revenue and number of employees of Wayhome because the company is yet to launch.

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