New York State - In-migration


From the "New York (all counties)" tab of the spreadsheet, calculate how many people moved to all New York counties (i.e., the total state) from other US states and overseas. Specifically, remove anyone who simply moved from one NY county to another to calculate how many people moved to the NY state from (1) other US states and (2) abroad. Also, provide another 'total' table in an additional tab.

Early Findings

New York State — Total Inflow (2013-2017)

  • In-migration data for New York state is presented in the "NY State (all counties)" tab of the shared spreadsheet.
  • After carefully sifting through the entire dataset in this tab (over 14,000 rows), we have removed thousands of entries (over 3,000 rows) where people moved from one NY state county to another NY state county.
  • An analysis of the data thus obtained indicate that a total of 417,953 people moved to NY state from all other US states and abroad.
  • To provide a breakdown of migrants (US states vs abroad), we started calculating the number of overseas migrants by county but were unable to complete the calculations for all counties due to the shortage of time.

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