New York City - In-migration


To remove the interstate migration from the provided dataset (i.e. people who move to Bronx County from all other NY state counties), re-calculate total, and validate these in-migration estimates through another source (either another US census dataset or external source).

Early Findings

  • After excluding the interstate migration data and recalculating the totals, the latest dataset has been provided in "Updated — New York City (5 counties)" tab of the shared spreadsheet.

NYC Total Inflow — 2013-2017

  • Updated in-migration data after excluding the interstate migration is as follows:
  • A total of 24,483 people moved to Bronx County, New York from other US states and abroad.
  • 53,949 people moved to Kings County from other US states and abroad.
  • 90,672 people moved to New York County from other US states and abroad.
  • 42,758 people moved to Queens County from other US states and abroad.
  • 3,885 people moved to Richmond County from other US states and abroad.
  • Total in-migration in all five NYC counties = 24,483 + 53,949 + 90,672 + 42,758 + 3,885 = 215,747
  • Hence, a total of 215,747 people moved to NYC from other US states and abroad.
  • Out of the 215,747 people, 120,250 moved to NYC from other US States.
  • This indicates that only 95,497 people moved to NYC from other countries during 2013-2017.

Data Verification

  • To ensure that our in-migration calculations are correct, we compared these calculations with the New York tab of the "inflow dataset" for "County-to-County Migration Flows" provided by the US Census Bureau.
  • This inflow-only dataset can be found in this shared spreadsheet. We used estimates for "Movers from Different States" and "Movers from Abroad" to find the in-migration to the five counties of NYC.
  • The in-migration numbers in both datasets are the same.
  • We also tried to verify these numbers from external sources but found that data for these exact years (2013-2017) is hard to come by and several news reports focus more on net migration or out-migration statistics. We could not review any other external sources including the IRS migration data due to shortage of time.

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