Research Proposal

New York State Migration Statistics


To determine state-to-state migration flows and overseas migration flow to the state of New York in 2018.

Early Findings

  • This spreadsheet provides the data provided by the Census Bureau in 2018 on state-to-state migration flows.
  • From the above spreadsheet, only the migration flows to New York were regarded and this data was provided on this spreadsheet. In column A, the state from where people migrated in were listed. In column B, the number of people that migrated from the state listed in column A was provided.
  • In column C, the margin of error, which informs the extent to which the values provided in column B differ from the actual values. The margin of error, according to the footnotes, is based on a 90% confidence interval. Thus the value will be within the interval given in the margin of error column (column C) 90% of the time (if the experiment were to be repeated).

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