Research Outline

Environmental Positions of New Zealand Political Parties


To obtain a summary of each New Zealand political party's stance on the environment to include any specific information related to trees.

Early Findings

The Outdoors Party

New Zealand First

  • One of New Zealand First's 15 fundamental principles is the environment, about which it states, "All environmental policies will be proactive with a view to creating employment and sustainable wealth whilst improving one of our few competitive advantages."
  • New Zealand First's environmental policies include the following:
  • The government will set a net zero carbon target by 2050
  • The government will "establish and legislate split gas targets for carbon dioxide and biogenic methane"
  • The government will establish an "initial methane target at a 10 percent reduction from 2017 levels from 2020 to 2030."
  • New Zealand First also supported the One Billion Trees Programme, funding for which was rejected in August 2019.
  • The One Billion Trees Programme is designed to "increase tree planting across New Zealand. The goal is to double the current planting rate to reach one billion trees planted by 2028."

The Maori Party