Research Outline

News Verticals Part 2


The top 20 news verticals ranked by their total addressable market of subscribers and the exact TAM figures in terms of potential number of subscribers for these verticals

Early Findings

  • By circulation, the largest newspapers in the US include USA Today (1.62 million), The Wall Street Journal (1 million subscribers), New York Times (483,700), New York Post (426,130), Los Angeles Times (417,940), Washington Post (254,380), Star Tribune (251,840), and Newsday (251,470).
  • Majority of the top newspapers in the US focus on several categories. However, the most common categories are financial and political news.
  • ESPN, a sports magazine, has the largest reach in the US. It has a reach of about 106 million people. Its US subscriber base was 86 million in 2018.
  • People, an entertainment magazine has the second largest reach in the US, at 98.51 million. Other popular entertainment & fashion magazines include Cosmopolitan (38.49 million reach), Vanity Fair (34.9 million reach), US Weekly (32.63 million), and Vogue (28.37 million)
  • WebMD, a health related magazine has the third largest reached in the US, at 57.07 million. Over 38 million people subscribe to WebMD e-newsletters.
  • Allrecipes, a food magazine, is the fourth most popular magazine in the US with a reach of 53.13 million. Other popular food magazines include Good Housekeeping (46.27 million), Taste of Home (32.41 million), and Bon Appetit (28.22 million).
  • Based on the top 20 most popular magazines in the US, entertainment and fashion is the most popular news category with a reach of over 200 million.
  • Sports is the second most popular news category with a total reach of 106 million with Food being the third most popular category (a reach of roughly 100 million).