Newsletter Targeting - Entrepreneurs


To help expand distribution of a newsletter, find entrpreneur groups at colleges, on websites, and on social media platforms.

Early Findings

Facebook Groups

Twitter Handles

College/University Entrepreneur Groups

  • The College Entrepreneurs' Organization - this is a non-profit organization that supports over 16,000 emerging entrepreneurs each year.
  • Duke University has several entrepreneur groups including Social Impact 360, which provides entrepreneurship training; Duke Ventures club, which trains students on evaluating deals; and The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, which provides events and opportunities in entrepreneurship.

Online Groups

Online Forums

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research indicates that there are many entrepreneur groups to be found on Facebook, the general internet, colleges, and other social media sites. We propose continuing the research to find an additional 15-18 groups. The groups will be from a mixture of colleges, social media, and the general internet. For each group found, we will provide a brief description of how it appeals to entrepreneurs.
Alternatively, we can find 12-15 college groups, 12-15 groups/handles on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn), and 12-15 groups/forums on the general internet. For each, we would again provide a brief explanation of why/how it appeals to entrepreneurs.