Research Outline

Non-Profit Organizational Structure


Provide the organizational structure of non-profits similar to the Boys and Girls Club of America, including the headcount per department.

Early Findings

One non-profit similar to the Boys and Girls Club of America is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has "a network of over 350 affiliates across the country," whom they partner with to mentor children across the country. Many have attributed the success of the program to this affiliate approach.
  • Each affiliate works in their assigned geographic area and has their own staff, budget and board of directors, but they follow the standards of the BBBS parent organization. BBBS also provides "fundraising, volunteer recruitment, seed capital and supporting services to its affiliates."
  • The Executive Team includes seven members, a CEO, CFO, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Agency Officer, a VP of National Events and Corporate Partnerships, and a VP of Youth Protection.
  • They also have a Board of Directors that governs the national office. There are 18 people on the board.
  • The BBBS national office handles donations/fundraising, partnerships, public policy, press relations, and the program structure. The national office also provides continuous education to their affiliates through the Agency Information Management system.