Non Profit Space - Connecticut and New England


To understand the nonprofit space, specific to the Connecticut (primary) and New England (secondary) markets to help your client tap into this market to offer their advisory services. Specifically, you need qualitative and quantitative insights and data related to anything about Corporate governance, organization structure, communications, and fundraising. Additionally, you would like us to build a list of competitors in both markets and for each competitor to explain what they are doing well in this area. As well, to provide competitors that are missing the mark, and not doing as well.

Early Findings

  • There are currently 18,602 nonprofits in Connecticut. Of these, 11,860 are public charities (including some ran by religious organizations) and 1,170 are public or private foundations. The remaining 4,792 nonprofits are classified as "other."
  • The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving runs a Nonprofit Support Program that helps form and strengthens a nonprofit's organizational structure. The program provides self-assessment tools as well as organizational assessments, discovery sessions during which board members of small or all-volunteer firms can work with a skilled consultant on one or two areas needing improvement, and Technical Assistance Grants.
  • Nonprofit organizations and foundations in Connecticut receive at least some of their funding through grants like the ones provided by the Connecticut Community Foundation and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.
  • Opportunities Industrialization Center of New London (OIC) is a nonprofit located in Connecticut that has worked with the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance to lower administrative costs.

Proposed next steps:

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