Research Proposal

Utah's International Market


To identify the top 5 non-US countries that send the highest number of travelers/tourists to Utah.

Early Findings

  • According to the report released by Gardner in 2019 on the State of Utah's Travel and Tourism Industry, the most number of international visitors in Utah are from Canada, China, Germany, France, and United Kingdom. These are the top 5 countries that send the highest number of travelers to Utah in 2018.
  • These countries are followed by Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • In 2018, "Asian and Western European visitor spending declined" but "spending by visitors from Australia, Brazil, and Mexico increased." Visitor spending from Australia increased by 5.2%, visitor spending from Brazil increased by 7.3%, while the visitor spending from Mexico increased by 3.7%.
  • The average spending of visitors from Canada is about $170 while that from Mexico is just less than $20.
  • In 2016, Canadian tourists account for 36% of Utah's total international visitors while 11% are from China, 6% are from Germany, another 6% are from the United Kingdom, and 5% are from France.
  • There are no publicly available reports yet regarding the state of the tourism industry in Utah for 2019 and 2020.
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