Nonviolent Communication Influencers


To identify key influencers of nonviolent communication (NVC). The information will be used to prepare for a video campaign.

Early Findings


  • Oren Jay Sofer is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
  • He also promotes NVC concepts through his blog and social media accounts.
  • He also wrote the following book about NVC: "Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication."
  • He has 1,589 followers on Twitter, 2,186 followers on Facebook, and 2,179 followers on Instagram.
  • His email is not publicly available. He can be reached through the link to this contact form.



Proposed next steps:

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To get the rest of the information, we recommend undertaking more research to identify 5-7 more key influencers of nonviolent communication. We will ensure that they are active in at least one of the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, or Medium. We will also indicate the available follower counts in their social media accounts. We will also include the reason why they can be considered as key influencers. Some of the reasons can be the following: being an author of NVC books, NVC trainers or speakers, founders of NVC organization, and other similar endeavors. We will also provide their email addresses or any alternate contact information as available.