North America Battery Technology


To understand the industry landscape for battery technology in North America, including the most common manufacturing procedures for lithium-ion batteries and solid-state batteries. Major players and emerging startups in battery technology (design and manufacturing) should also be provided.

Early Findings

  • The lithium-ion battery market in North America is expected to grow at an estimated 9.81% a CAGR during the 2019 – 2024 forecast period.
  • Major factors that are driving this market include declining prices of lithium-ion batteries, growth in the renewable sector, rapid electric vehicles' adoption, and increased consumer electronics sales.
  • Notable players competing in the North American lithium-ion battery market include BYD Co. Ltd, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, EnerSys, Duracell Inc., Johnson Controls International plc, Panasonic Corporation, LG Chem Ltd, Saft Groupe S.A., Sony Corporation, Samsung SDI Co. Ltd, and Tesla, Inc.

Research proposal:

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