Research Proposal

B2C Mobile Experiential Marketing Campaigns


The goal of this research is to identify award-winning, B2C, experiential marketing campaigns from 2017-2019 in the U.S. and/or Europe that used mobile technology. For each campaign identified, we will provide the name of the campaign, the brand the campaign was for, the brands' products that were mentioned/included in the campaign, how long the campaign ran for, an explanation of how the campaign worked, examples of ads/creative from the campaign, and an explanation of how/why the campaign is deemed successful. The campaigns provided will all be ones that won awards from marketing associations and the like in the experiential marketing category. This information will be used to create a best-in-class, integrated marketing campaign for a packaged good brand (especially luxury goods and consumer electronics) in the U.S. market.

Early Findings

Burger King

L.L. Bean

  • L.L. Bean's "Be an Outsider at Work" is an award-winning, B2C, experiential marketing campaign.
  • The campaign involved mobile technology, as the main premise of the campaign involved creating outdoor office spaces that were equipped with charging stations, WiFi, outlets, and more.
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