Novo Nordisk Efforts to Reduce its Global Footprint


To gain insights into the provide 3-5 insights into the Novo Nordisk's efforts to reduce its global footprint.

Early Findings

Reducing CO2 Emissions

  • As a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its strategy to reduce its footprint, Novo Nordisk strives to reduce CO2 emissions from its value chain and activities.
  • The company tracks carbon emissions at every step of the value chain. For instance, it works with its suppliers and service companies (for transport and logistics) to reduce emissions.
  • In pursuit of its zero impact principle, the company accounts for its environmental performance on an annual basis on three aspects, including CO2 emissions, CO2 emissions, and handling of waste.

Adopting a Circular Mindset

  • The company is focused on adopting a circular mindset – “designing products that can be recycled or re-used, reshaping our business practice to minimize consumption and eliminate waste, and working with suppliers who share our ambition.”

Switching to Renewable Electricity

  • The company is consolidating its efforts to turn to solar power in its US production sites, towards the goal of 100% renewable electricity.

Designing Eco-friendly Products

Waste Reduction.

  • In efforts to reduce waste generated from its production activities, Novo Nordick established a biogas plant that uses the fermentation slurry from its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production to produce biogas, replacing natural gas for production in its locations.

Proposed next steps:

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As this research was restricted to an hour, we only managed to provide insights into the efforts that Novo Nordisk is focusing on to reduce its global footprint. We, therefore, recommend continuing the research to determine how Novo Nordisk communicates/promotes (messaging) the identified efforts (waste reduction, designing eco-friendly products, adopting a circular mindset, switching to renewable energy, and reducing CO2 emissions).
We could also proceed to provide 3-5 specific global environmental/sustainability initiatives that Novo Nordisk is involved in, as part of its commitment to the global agenda of reducing footprint and proceed to provide a description for each initiative.