Novo Nordisk Efforts to Reduce its Global Footprint


To gain insights into the provide 3-5 insights into the Novo Nordisk's efforts to reduce its global footprint.

Early Findings

Reducing CO2 Emissions

  • As a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its strategy to reduce its footprint, Novo Nordisk strives to reduce CO2 emissions from its value chain and activities.
  • The company tracks carbon emissions at every step of the value chain. For instance, it works with its suppliers and service companies (for transport and logistics) to reduce emissions.
  • In pursuit of its zero impact principle, the company accounts for its environmental performance on an annual basis on three aspects, including CO2 emissions, CO2 emissions, and handling of waste.

Adopting a Circular Mindset

  • The company is focused on adopting a circular mindset – “designing products that can be recycled or re-used, reshaping our business practice to minimize consumption and eliminate waste, and working with suppliers who share our ambition.”

Switching to Renewable Electricity

  • The company is consolidating its efforts to turn to solar power in its US production sites, towards the goal of 100% renewable electricity.

Designing Eco-friendly Products

Waste Reduction.

  • In efforts to reduce waste generated from its production activities, Novo Nordick established a biogas plant that uses the fermentation slurry from its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production to produce biogas, replacing natural gas for production in its locations.

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