Research Outline

NPS Benchmarks in Medtech


To determine NPS Benchmarks for Medtech companies.

Early Findings

While there are not a lot of companies and studies that publish NPS scores specifically in Medtech, we were able to find a fes tudies that detailed the NPS scores for similar segments such as health providers, healthcare companies, medical equipment providers, and electromedical suppliers.
  • Customer Guru is a European company that specifically tracks Net Promoter Scores for over 10,000 businesses. According to their results, medical equipment providers have an NPS score ranging from -5 to 15.
  • They have also tracked the NPS scores for elctromedical and electrotherapeutic providers, which range from -10 to 14.
  • Retently also evaluates and collects NPS scores. They collect data from various industries but only include companies that have more than 10 clients in their reports. According to their report, the healthcare industry had an average NPS score of 27.
  • They note that a score between 0 and 30 is considered good. However, a company should also compare their score with the industry's average to determine how their doing.
  • The Temkin study tracks the NPS scores of various industries. After evaluating over 10,000 consumer surveys, the study concluded that health plan providers have an average net promoter score of 19.
  • According to an Accenture study, which evaluated over 23,600 consumer surveys, healthcare providers had an NPS of 9 in 2016. This clearly shows that the NPS score of healthcare companies has improved slightly in the last few years, judging from the difference in NPS between the Accenture and Retently studies.
  • According to BCG, medtech companies that provide product-related services have an NPS score ranging from 45 to 55. According to them, while the score itself is above average, it is still lacking behind other companies from different industries that provide product-related services like USAA and Apple.