Technology Companies in Louisiana


To identify the number of employees in various video game development, animation, and IT companies in Louisiana and provide the information on a google sheet. This information will prove that Louisiana has a dynamic technology ecosystem.

Early Findings

All the information about the identified companies can be found on this google sheet.

IT Companies

1. Rader Solutions

  • Number of employees- 7
  • Link-

2. Barister Global Services Network

  • Number of employees- 150
  • Link-

3. Bellwether Technology

  • Number of employees- 33
  • Link-

4. Torapath Technologies

  • Number of employees- 2
  • Link-

5. General Informatics LLC

  • Number of employees- 50
  • Link-

6. Grids Information Technologies

  • Number of employees- 3
  • Link-

Video Game Development Companies

1. High Voltage Software, Inc.

  • Number of employees- 132
  • Link-

Animation Companies

1. Pixel Dash Studios, LLC

  • Number of employees- 4
  • Link-


  • In our first hour of research we identified eight companies (6 in IT, 1 in game development, and 1 in animation). We also spent the hour finding out whether information on IT, gaming, and animation companies in Louisiana was publicly available, which it is. We also included links to these companies' websites. For additional research, we will build on the lists for each sector (IT, gaming, and animation).
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