Research Outline

Mascara Market


To understand the growth and dynamics of mascara sales in relation to alternatives such as fake eyelashes and lash liftings.

Early Findings

Data specific to the sales growth of lash lifting procedures was not found in the initial hour of research; however, we were able to find data specific to false eyelashes and mascara.


  • According to Nielsen, the sale of false eyelashes grew 15% in the US in terms of volume and 31% in terms of value in 2018.
  • The historical dollar sales of false eyelashes:
  • This translates to a CAGR of 29.24% over the 3-yr period 2015-2018 (calculated using CAGR calculator).
  • "Within the eye cosmetics subcategory, eyelash treatments and eyebrow products saw the fastest growth in 2018, up by an impressive 32% and 24% in dollar growth, respectively."
  • "For the 52 weeks ended Sept. 22, 2018, vs. the year-ago", sale of eyelash treatments grew by $661,491; however, eye primer (-$1,287,009), mascara (-$6,357,051), eye shadow (-$17,769,516), eyeliner (-$27,687,058) sales declined.
  • "Despite the growth of eyelash and eyebrow treatments, annual sales of eye cosmetics slowed in 2018, with sales declining slightly by 0.4%."


  • According to IRI, for the 52 weeks ending Sept. 22 2020, false eyelashes and adhesives grew by 9.7% and sales of mascara contracted by 8% in dollar terms.
  • For the 52-weeks ending July 14, 2018, mascara sales grew by 1.1% in dollar terms and 12.8% in volume terms.