Research Outline

Number Of Lash Treatments In The USA


  • To provide an estimate for the total number of lash treatments in the USA for 2019 and 2015 (or any previous year). Treatments include lash lifts, lash perms, and salon/ professional lash extensions

Early Findings

Industry Stats
  • In 2018, according to an ABC News Report the eyelash extension industry was experiencing an upward trend, expected to be worth $1.5bn annually in the next 5 years. A Grand View Research Study valued the industry at $1.1bn in 2018 alone
  • Market Research by Nielson found there was significant year on year growth from 2015-2018 in eyelash products across all US outlets, creating a halo effect which also extending to eyelash treatments, which saw 32% growth over the corresponding period
  • A study Kline found the number of professional eyelash services in the US was up 14% in the 2nd quarter of 2017 compared with the corresponding period a year earlier
  • Further research by the Kline group put the average price point for professional eyelash services at $70. A survey by Glad Lash found the average charge for a full set of lashes was between $60 - $181, with only 6% charging less than this and 12% charging more
  • The Boston Globe reported that the US lash industry was worth between $808m in 2017 and $875m in 2018

  • We estimate that in 2017, with the US lash industry worth ~ $808m and the average cost of professional services being $70, that there were somewhere in the region of 10m-12m professional lash treatments
  • Using the same calculation, and the average cost of professional services at $70, as the industry was reportedly worth # $875m, we estimate that in 2018 there were some where in the region of 11m-13m treatments
  • There is a lack of reliable information for 2019 but following on from expected trends, we would estimate there were 12m-14m treatments