Research Outline

Portable Toilets/Washrooms


To conduct research on portable toilets and washrooms in Canada and North America. The research will inform a business pitch.

Early Findings

The Average Cost of Renting and Purchasing a Portable Toilet

Rental Costs in the U.S.

  • The national average cost of renting a standard portable toilet in the U.S. is $260 per month, with the maintenance done two times a week. A standard portable toilet is the most common and has private structures with a toilet.
  • The lowest cost is $100, which comes with a one-month rental of a standard portable toilet.
  • The highest cost is $435 per month, which is a deluxe portable toilet with the maintenance done two times per week, accompanied by a sanitizer dispenser. Deluxe also includes paper towels, sinks, soap, and flushing.
  • A high-rise portable toilet's average rental cost is $180 per day or per weekend and it comes with standing stalls with urinals.

Purchase Costs

  • The following portable toilets are available for purchase in Canada or North America in general:
    • Cleanwaste Portable Toilet at $74.90.
    • Alpcour Portable Toilet at $199.95.
    • SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet at $99.99.
    • Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet at $76.66.
    • PolyJohn Fleet Portable Restroom FS3-1005 Pewter at $738.
    • PolyJohn PJG3-1006 GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Tan- $1475.
    • PolyJohn PH03-1003 Evergreen Comfort XL Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restroom at $1745.
  • There are sellers that do not disclose the costs of the portable toilet and require one to ask for a quote. Examples are: