Research Proposal

Self-Help Instagram and Podcasts


To identify the number of self-help influencers on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, as well as a list of popular self-help podcasts, based on rankings. Self-help is defined as emotional, relational, or psychological health, rather than mental health or mental illness.

Early Findings


  • As suggested, we have culled podcast rankings to compile a list of popular self-help podcasts.
Beginning with GQ's list of the top ten podcasts for self-help, the following podcasts are listed:
Other lists to explore:
  • 13 Best Personal Development Podcasts
  • 6 Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Greatness
  • The 11 Best Self Improvement Podcasts to Supercharge Your Growth
  • Self-Improvement Podcasts, named the best at PlayerFM


  • offers a filtered search option, based on topic and follower count. Filtering for influencers on the topic of self-help who have 100,000-500,000 followers, we get a count of 1,811. However, this figure is likely inflated by some false hits where influencers have self-identified as self-help influencers when that may not be their actual or primary focus.
  • Tomoson also presents influencers by categories, but the closest category to self-help is "health," which does not appear to include self-help.

Summary of Initial Findings

Our initial research suggests that determining the definitive number of Instagram self-help accounts with over 100,000 followers is likely not possible, as the tools available for identifying these accounts are often pre-categorized in ways that do not accommodate this research or provide potentially skewed results based on influencers' self-identified areas of interest or expertise, which may not be entirely accurate. In terms of self-help podcasts, identifying the number with more than 100,000 downloads is not possible, based on our initial research, but compiling a list of some of the best podcasts is doable.
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