Nursing Homes in the United States


To have a complete list of nursing homes in the United States and to have that in a Google spreadsheet with the nursing home name in each row, and then columns for the company that runs it, contact person that would be the CEO, website link, phone number, whether it is for profit or non-profit, how many beds it has, and how it ranks.

Early Findings

  • We have prepared a viewable only Google spreadsheet here for you to look at and approve. We do not work in excel.
  • These are the top six nursing home chains, and their rankings according to Nursing Home Abuse
  • The largest United States nursing home chains, ranked by the number of facilities.
  • Eight of the top 10 top nursing home operators are based in the states of New York and Pennsylvania, with Genesis continuing to command the market, according to a new analysis of the nation’s nursing homes.
  • This year, 2,975 nursing homes earned the designation of a U.S. News Best Nursing Home.
  • This free downloadable report contains a 2018 list of the largest providers in senior living reveals few changes from 2017. Brookdale, at three times the size of the No. 2 company on the list, continues to hold the top spot.
  • The largest not-for-profit providers, (also downloadable) which includes National Senior Campuses (NSC) where it sits on top with more than 23,000 units places it at No. 6, if included with for-profit providers.
  • The Largest 150 Assisted Living and Senior Care Providers in the United States. The original data for this site was based on Government data so it included many fields like FAX number, license number and number of licensed beds. "The problem with government data is that they never keep track of other services offered by an organization. For example, they don't track if an assisted living facility also offers independent living. For this reason, Assisted Senior Living started a program for updating the data based on the corporate sites."

Proposed next steps:

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After our initial research, we have found many lists containing the names of nursing home parent companies. As the scoping of this could be quite large, we suggest we proceed with choosing 25 nursing home parent companies and provide those in a list. We would need to understand how we should choose them. For example, market share, by number of beds, by number of nursing homes they own, or another metric. This would be a simple list with the name of the company, along with the metric we used to select it, and the name of the CEO with any contact information. This would not be the spreadsheet deliverable, and would be in the form of a bullette list.
If additional research is required after proposal one is completed, we can then proceed to (for each parent company identified in proposal one) proceed to identify no fewer than 20 of the nursing homes each company has and provide the required information in that google spreadsheet. We can select the 20 based on any metric provided, such as positive reviews/ratings, the number of beds, or another metric provided to us. Each company identified in proposal one would have their own tab on the google spreadsheet.