Research Proposal

US Nutraceutical Industry


To obtain the top players in the US Nutraceutical industry, along with their market share and their methods of delivery for a client entering the market.

Early Findings

US Nutraceutical Market

Nutraceuticals in functional food contains fibers and oligosaccharides which prevents cancer and reduces the cholesterol level in the body. The nutraceutical market mainly constitutes functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements.
  • In 2020, the US Nutraceutical market is valued at $90.92 million and is expected to be $133.39 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 7.1 % through 2027.
  • The USA nutraceuticals market is bifurcated on the basis of application into general wellness, beauty and anti-aging, weight management, digestive health, sports and energy drinks.
  • General wellness is dominating the USA nutraceuticals market. The general wellness market has recorded a considerably high growth rate in recent years. People are now inclined towards the consumption of dietary supplements to a wide range due to its rising awareness of nutritional and medicinal benefits.
  • Functional Food & Beverages, displays the potential to grow at over 7.5%.


  • Some of the players present in USA nutraceuticals market are Abbott, Amway, Chobani, LLC, General Mills, Inc, Helion Nutraceuticals, LLC, Herbalife International of America, Inc, Kellogg Co., Matsun Nutrition, The Nature's Bounty Co., and Valensa International among others.
  • Another market study added the following US companies: Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Inc., Celsius Holdings, Inc., CytoSport Inc, Dymatize Enterprises, LLC , Perrigo Company, Renew Life Formulas, Inc., Rockstar Inc. Shenzhen Eastroc, The Nature's Bounty Co., Solgar Inc, and Rexall Sundown, Inc.
  • Finally, this market report added these players: The United States Nutraceuticals market features companies such as Du Pont, Nestle S.A., Dean Foods, Royal DSM, ADM, and Pepsico. The U.S. market for Nutraceuticals was dominated DuPont with significant market share in 2015.
  • At this point in the research, food and vitamin companies were removed from the list to focus on nutraceutical manufacturers.
  • The following companies remain and were verified to operate in the nutraceutical market: Helion Nutraceuticals, Matsun Nutrition, Shenzhen Eastroc, Rockstar Inc, Valensa International, Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Celsius Holdings, Cyto Sport, Dymatize Enterprises, Solgar Inc, Royal DSM, and ADM.
  • A spreadsheet has been created for the companies that may be viewed here.

Results of Initial Research

  • Since the market is so segmented, it would be helpful to know what area to focus on. The spreadsheet is very general, focusing on the market as a whole and could be far more beneficial if the market segment could be more speficic, for excample functional food & beverage, or general wellness. If this were stated, the research team could find companies that operate in that market.
  • An assumption was made to leave out companies like Nestle and DuPont, as they operate on a different level than smaller companies.
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