Research Outline

Apps in Offline Platforms


To find the percentage of global technology startups that have apps in offline platforms such as iOS, Android, or AWS and competitors. The information will be used for a pitch to startups. If possible, to find statistics related to this evolution in time since 2006 to now.

Early Findings

Tech Startups

Issues with Apps

  • 9,999 out of every 10,000 Mobile Apps fail.
  • This is due to 3 main issues: Apps are expensive for small startups, they are free, and they face huge competition.
  • Other issues that explain why a majority of Apps fail are development-level failures, execution-level failures, and support-level failures.

The Need for Apps to be Successful

Statistics about Apps

  • Research has found that users view 4.2 times more products in each session on Apps compared to mobile sites.
  • Mobile Apps enjoy a conversion rate that is triple the one from mobile sites.
  • A one-second delay in mobile page load means a conversion drop of around 20%.
  • The web traffic from Apps is 52.2% and expected to rise to 60%.

Generations and Apps

Summary of Findings

After an hour of preliminary research, we could not find an exact statistic about the proportion tech startups who have apps but we managed to start gathering some information that might be used to triangulate the data such as the number of tech startups, the number of apps that fail, and reasons why tech startups need apps. With more time, it will be possible to locate more statistics to build a more accurate picture.