Complete a profile of LaurDIY (Lauren Riihimaki) including the companies she has collaborated with, personal background, social media profiles and professional background.

Early Findings

Social Media

YouTube Brands

Website Brands

  • On her website, she features shopping links to Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, Ardene, and Walmart Canada.

Instagram Brands

Proposed next steps:

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The initial research was unable to profile all brands LaurDIY has worked with on her multiple social media channels, including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We recommend continued research to identify, for each channel, all the brands she has highlighted in the past year OR at least 30 brands, which ever comes first. For each, we will provide a brief (2-3 word) explanation of the post, the name of the brand highlighted, and a link to the post. If a brand is highlighted more than once in the same channel, we will only provide one mention of it. We will not duplicate any of the mentions already found in this initial research.
Additionally, we recommend further research to provide information on the personal and professional background of Lauren Riihimaki, including 7-10 detailed insights (3-5 for each professional and personal information).