Office Chair Lumbar Adjustments


To find out the average lumbar height adjustment of the top three office chair brands

Early Findings

Herman Miller

Herman Miller has 22 office chairs listed on their website.

While the site offers a user adjustment guide, and most chairs offer an option for lumbar adjustment as an add on feature, there is no note of the exact height adjustment in their product descriptions.

Many of their chairs also offer a PostureFit technology for ideal ergonomics.

Steel Case

Their chairs typically have several adjustments, a pneumatic height adjustment, a seat depth adjustment, and a back tension adjustment. The height adjustment ranges from 3" to 5".


Humanscale has 9 adjustable office chairs, all which are categorized as ergonomic.

While they do not note the height of adjustment, their manual does note that all chairs are designed to be ergonomic for heights ranging from 5’0 - 6’4.

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