Office Furniture from Recycled Materials


To obtain a list of companies that make office furniture from recycled materials, as well as details on the products each company offers, which products include recycled materials, pricing, and whether they market the sustainability of their products.

Early Findings

PVI Office Furniture Plus

  • PVI Office Furniture Plus offers new and used furniture from recycled materials.
  • It appears they work with green vendors rather than manufacturing the products themselves. Vendors include Evolve Systems, OfficeSource, and Group Lacassed Products.

Evolve Systems

  • Evolve's primary products are panels and beams. However, the fabric used to cover the panels is made from recycled materials. Their grade 1 fabric uses 35% post-consumer recycled polyester and 65% pre-consumer recycled polyester, while the grade 2 material uses 56% post-consumer recycled polyester and 44% polyester.
  • The panels themselves are also manufactured from 82% recycled materials and this is highlighted in their brochure.
  • While they do have pricing data on the website, it is not clear how the fabric ties in with the pricing. This is only a sample of the available pricing data.

Arnold's Office Furniture

  • This company lists several brands they sell that offer furniture from recycled or sustainable materials. These include Legare, Beeken Parsons, Form 3, Krug, and Herman Miller. Each of these companies could be further examined to determine whether they meet the criteria of being made from recycled materials. If so, further details could be provided.


  • Sellex sells Range 100/100, which is furniture that is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. The line includes the HANDY 100/100 stool, the SET SLED BASE Stool, the SLAM Chair 100/100, and the MASS Chair 100/100.
  • Pricing data was not immediately available on the company website, but we may be able to find some pricing data through an expanded search.
  • Sellex highlights that their furniture is made from recycled materials.

Summary of Findings

  • Our initial research shows that there appears to be a relatively large number of companies that make office furniture using recycled materials. One of the companies we found was headquartered in Spain, while the rest were U.S. based. Since there was not a geography specified for the research, we assumed a global focus.

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