Onboarding Module


To help create an onboarding module, understand what should be included and how these modules are typically priced.

Early Findings

Effective Onboarding Practices

  • Onboarding is "the process of orienting new employees in a manner that aids in overall retention." This is not the same as employee orientation.
  • About 1 in 10 employees indicated that they strongly agreed that their company did a good job with the onboarding process.
  • The length of the onboarding process will vary depending on the job but could last for a year or more. Onboarding can also be used for existing employees who are transitioning to a new job within a company.
  • Glassdoor published a list of trends in the onboarding space, and they include preboarding, personalized onboarding, cultural assimilation, automation, niche training, and microlearning.
  • Three large areas to consider when onboarding include organizational, technical, and social. Employees will need help in all of these areas to feel comfortable at a new company.
  • One HR expert breaks the process down into preboarding, first day, 7-30 day follow up, 90 day follow up, and the one-year check in. There are specific things to be done at each.

Pricing for Onboarding Software Platforms

  • The average amount companies spend to onboard a new employee is $3,000, and the length of the program typically ranges from 2 weeks to one year.
  • There are several ways onboarding software can be priced. This includes traditional licensing, a subscription model, per employee per month, and per transaction.
  • Three of the top onboarding software are Thought Industries, Enboarder, and Bamboo HR, according to Capterra. Thought Industries requires contacting the company for pricing. Enboarder has many high profile clients such as McDonalds, Boss, EA, and Qantas, but does not provide pricing data on their website.
  • BambooHR also did not provide pricing information on their website, However, we did find some info on another site that indicated pricing started at $6.19 per employee per month, but this is based on all employees at the company and includes more services than just onboarding.

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