Instagram Growth Platforms


To provide a list of online platforms that can help grow Instagram followers.

Early Findings

Online platforms that can help grow Instagram followers include Combin, Kicksta, and Insta Captain.


  • Combin is an automated service that helps users to "find, analyze, engage, and grow" their Instagram audience.
  • The platform also enables users to plan and schedule content, manage multiple accounts, and track audience growth.
  • The platform has more than 60,000 users.


  • According to Forbes, the Kicksta platform helps with "everything from research to lead identification to outreach. Over time, Kicksta helps attract genuine, relevant followers who could qualify as potential long-term customers".
  • Kicksta uses artificial intelligence to help its users get and engage with real and relevant Instagram followers.
  • According to Kicksta, it is trusted by more than 10,200 agencies and influencers.

Insta Captain

  • Insta Captain is an automation platform that performs Instagram tasks leading to organic growth.
  • It uses an Instagram bot that performs actions such as commenting, liking, and following other Instagram accounts.

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