Research Outline

Private Equity Platforms


To gain an understanding of private equity market platforms in order to understand platform funding and how the platforms connect consumers to private equity funds.

Early Findings

Several options exist to invest in private equity funds. The top 10 platforms as of 2020 are LLR Partners, Long Ridge Private Equity, Graham Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, AQR Capital Management, Crestview Partners, Varagon Capital Partners, Emergence Capital, Kempen Capital, and Brightwood Capital Advisors.

LLR Partners

  • LLR Partners is an investment website linking potential investors to equity and companies in six industries: education, FinTech, healthcare, industrial, security, and software.
  • LLR Partners has been in operation for 20 years and has investments in over 100 companies.
  • LLR Partners has made over $3 billion as of 2019, across five funds and 106 investments.
  • Portfolio companies are a significant source of funding for LLR. LLR has 42 portfolio companies that employ over 10,000 persons.
  • Investors create a personal account with the website to be connected to investment opportunities.Investors receive insights from the portfolio companies to assist with investment decisions.
  • LLR also assists investors with networking to encourage growth, along with multiple articles to give insights in marketing, finance, talent acquisition, and other company insights.
  • LLR Partners views their connected portfolio companies as more than investments. They view the companies as partners in business. Therefore, LLR Partners assists the portfolio companies in finding ways to grow and ensure stability, which helps investors feel more stable in investments as well.
  • LLR uses investment criteria in multiple areas to assess investment potential: intermediary involvement, management, business model, transaction, market position, customer base, and add-on acquisitions. LLR Partners assists the companies in improving these areas while showing investors why the company is a smart investment.