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Podcast Opportunities


Identify opportunities in the podcast industry to create new and unique content not currently being covered by established podcasts. Identify which topics are currently most popular in podcasts, where there are opportunities to create new unique content, and any audiences that may be underserved by the existing universe of podcast content.

Early Findings

Popular Topics

  • According to a 2018 Nielsen report, the following topics are most popular among podcast listeners: Music (61.1 million households); TV & Movies (60.5 million); Comedy (59.9 million); Technology (58.9 million); Kids & Family (58.7 million).
  • Buzzsprout also identifies news and politics; society and culture; personal journals; and history as highly popular podcast genres.

Underrepresented Audiences

  • According to Forbes, women and people of color are typically underrepresented in the podcasting industry, which is known for a lack of diversity. Despite the low barriers of entry, podcast hosts are disproportionately white, male, and from western and urban areas. As a result, these podcasts don't reach diverse audiences, who may not feel represented by the podcasts' content.
  • Google has recently launched an accelerator to promote diversity in podcasting.
  • Children are another audience where there's a big opportunity for growth. Podcasts make a great educational and entertainment medium for kids, particularly as parents try to minimize screen time. Data suggests that kids love podcasts, but there are still relatively few established podcasts that target children.
  • Another potential audience, according to Hackernoon, is the "casual entertainment" audience. One reason some audiences avoid podcasts is the impression that they're too intellectual, educational, or in-depth. Podcasts that focus purely on entertainment and pleasure could convert more non-listeners.

Potential Content Opportunities

  • Buzzsprout has compiled a list of topics that are lacking in the podcasting industry, including sailing, long-haul truck driving, musical instruments, 3D printing, aquariums, celebrity net worth, book summaries, and more.
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