Research Outline

Internal Company Wide Email Sending


To find information on the optimal number of internal emails that a large organization should send to maximize open rates.

Early Findings

  • As the primary communication tool for businesses across the world, it is "estimated that there are around 70 corporate interactions via email per day." Because of this, the number of internal emails that pile up in an employee's inbox can become insurmountable.
  • A McKinsey Global Institute survey found that the average professional spends 28% of the workday reading and responding to emails and for the average full-time American worker, this amounts to around 2.6 hours spent on emails and 120 messages received per day. Additionally, data from a Sanebox study found that 62% of all emails are not important.
  • A study by Gallup found that good internal communication leads to stronger employee engagement and therefore better organizational performance. Consequently, an effective internal email communication strategy ensures employees are not overwhelmed with unnecessary emails and they are engaged and performing optimally. This includes increased productivity, profitability & wellbeing and reduced turnover, absenteeism & other negative outcomes.
  • More research is needed to provide the required statistics and additional information that can help improve internal email open rates.