Research Outline

Optimizing Personal & Professional Performance


To have fact based information to share with clients, understand the connections between sleep, meditation, exercise, peer groups, and intimate relationships on entrepreneurs personal and business lives. Additionally, show that how things are going in a person's personal life will impact success in his/her business life.

Early Findings


  • A study published in 2017 found that sleep quality impacts positive and negative affects. Sleep quality was measured based on the factors of subjective quality, restfulness, ease of falling asleep, ease of waking, and feeling rested. The results showed that good sleep quality makes people better deal with stress, while poor sleep quality "worsens the negative outcomes associated with stress by making an individual cognitively, emotionally, and physiologically more vulnerable to stressful events."
  • In the study, better sleep quality predicted better positive affects between individuals and lower negative affects overall.
  • Sleep quality and quantity both have major impacts on "employee performance, safety, health, and attitudes."


  • One study on mindfulness and leaders in Australia found that there was a positive relationship between being mindful and "leadership selfmastery and leadership organizationaltransformation."
  • A study that looked at the possible connection between mindfulness in IT and the reduction of technostress found that being mindful can reduce the instances of technostress.


  • A study of 80 executives found that exercises had a "22% increase in fitness and a 70% improvement in the ability to make complex decisions compared to sedentary peers." One of the reasons for this may be that exercise improves blood flow which can in turn improve neurological function.
  • Total Wellness allows employees to exercise for 30 minutes each workday as they see the benefits. Some areas that show improvement are social connections, stress relief, heart health, energy, weight management, and productivity.

Peer Groups

  • A study published in late 2017 found that companies that developed relationships between coworkers increased revenue, profits, and management score, among other metrics.

Intimate Relationships

  • Although the initial search did not find any scientific studies on the impact of intimate relationships on business performance, we did find an article that stated that the people who surround a person will impact business success since people often rub off on each other.