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To understand the current goals, strategies, obstacles, market information, user journey, as well as any issues or pressure Oracle is running into. Specifically to have some data surrounding how Oracle plans to handle their user experience and/or digital marketing in 2020.

Early Findings

  • For the purposes of our research, we understand Oracle to be found at this link.
  • From March 23rd to March 26th, 2020, Oracle will be hosting a conference called Modern Business Experience in Chicago, Illinois. This conference is for marketing, commerce, sales, and service professionals. This is the speaker link. The tracks appear to flesh out where Oracle plans on positioning themselves surrounding their user experience and/or digital marketing in 2020.
  • According to Cara Capretta, an Oracle VP who has worked in leadership development and talent management during her HR career, “HR should not have its own digital strategy. Instead, HR should be sitting at the table with other C-suite members, talking about a total digital transformation that includes emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. That digital strategy for the workforce should complement the digital strategy for customers, vendors, and other key constituents.”
  • Here is Oracle's Cloud Strategy for 2018 in video form.
  • Here is Oracle's partnership strategies for 2019 and beyond.
  • "Oracle chief technology officer (CTO) and founder Larry Ellison said a “fully autonomous cloud” that will eliminate human labor is now Oracle’s main goal, during his first keynote address at Oracle Open World 2019 in San Francisco."
  • Larry Ellison declared that by 2020, Oracle will have more [cloud datacentre] regions than Amazon Web Services, 36 opposed to 25. He said that customers for full-stack Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now include Siemens, Toyota, Chipotle, and Cisco.
  • Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian told The Wall Street Journal that he planned to borrow some strategies from Oracle to help the search giant catch up to its peers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the cloud wars.
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address the stated goals.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our first hour of research informed us that there is publicly available information available for all parts of the question.
  • Our first hour of research was able to provide some broad strokes surrounding the goals, but time did not permit any analysis of these findings.
  • We assumed a United States focus, but did include global insights. Please advise us in any response what our geographic focus should be.
  • Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.

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