Research Proposal

Oregon Organization Development Firms for Manufacturers


  • Identify how many Organization Development firms/consulting companies that work specifically with manufacturers exist in the state of Oregon, U.S.
  • For each Organization Development firm/consulting company identified in Oregon, provide their name, size, target audience, and position in the market.
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to develop the organization development services currently being offered by an existing company, as well as to better understand potential competitors and partners.

Early Findings

  • Organizational Development (OD) is defined by Market Business News as the process of planning a systematic approach that will improve the productivity of a company. It can also be defined as strategy to plan, organize, and reinforce company visions and goals through training programs, etc. OD companies/firms are businesses that offer these services.
  • The Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) is an organizational development firm based out of Portland, OR that offers services specifically to SMB manufacturing companies throughout the state. Additional company details for OMEP can be found in row 2 of the attached spreadsheet.
  • The Howells Group is an organizational development firm located in Portland, OR that offers services to a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing. Additional company details for The Howells Group can be found in row 3 of the attached spreadsheet.
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