Research Outline

Information Inudstry: Organization Case Studies


  • To craft profiles of The Information (a tech media business) and CBInsights (a tech analysis business). For each company, to provide the following: organizational chart, size of the company, and structure of the business (e.g. numbers of staff, how many functions, locations, etc).

Early Findings

The Information

  • Number of Employees: The information has 47 employees listed on LinkedIn. The company's LinkedIn profile says they have 11-50 employees. Crunchbase confirms this same range.
  • Number of Job Functions/Roles: 27
  • List of Job Functions/Roles: Founder/CEO , Reporter , Intern, VP of Marketing , Executive Editor , Managing Editor , Senior Editor , Director of Community Programming , Senior Event Marketing Manager , VP of Events , Engineering Director , Director of Life Cycle & Growth Marketing , Advisory Board Member , Director of Paid Marketing , VP of Sales , VP of Product , Asia Bureau Chief , Full Stack Engineer , VP of Advertising Sales , Editorial Cartoonist , Content Writer , Podcast Producer/Engineer , Freelance Community Contributor , Growth Data Scientist , Graphics Editor , Customer Success Manager , and Blogger.
  • Number of People Working Specific Functions: A tallied list of people working specific functions is presented in this spreadsheet.
  • Number of Locations Employees Are In: 11 locations - San Francisco, NYC, Washington D.C., Orange County, London (U.K.), Hong Kong, Bengaluru (India), Los Angeles, Pasadena, Miranda (Venezuela), Rawalpindi (Pakistan).


  • Number of Employees: CBInsights has 331 employees listed on LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn profile lists them as having between 200 and 500 employees, while Crunchbase also confirms this figure. The Craft database shows 334 employees.
  • Due to the larger number of employees at this company, additional research is needed to determine the number of job functions/roles, compile a list of job functions/roles, determine the number of people working in specific functions, and to determine the number of locations employees are in.

Results of Early Findings (1 Hour of Research)

  • Additional research is needed to continue compiling data for CBInsights.
  • The analysis has been conducted of data on LinkedIn only, as this has been determined to be the most comprehensive source of information for this specific topic for these companies. For example, Glassdoor has very little information about The Information so it could not be relied upon for such an analysis.
  • It's possible to conduct this same analysis for other companies similar to CBInsights and The Information to help obtain additional benchmarking data.