Research Outline

Non-Profit Organization Structure


Determine the organizational structure and headcount data of non-profit companies. The information will be used to restructure the organization of a company.

Early Findings


  • The Boys and Girls Club Movement follows a federated model.
  • Around 1,100 independently and locally-managed organizations provide services to young people in the Club's 4,645 branches.
  • The Boys and Girls Club is led by its CEO and President, Jim Clark.
  • It has 11 executives in its leadership team.
  • The club has around 558,000 personnel and volunteers.
  • It has 67,000 adult professional staff, 467,000 volunteers, and 24,000 board members.
  • The Board of Governors oversee the operation and the properties of the club.
  • The board has around 21 members who are voted by the National Council.
  • The National Council sets the regulations, membership requirements, operating guidelines, votes for the board members, and decides on the membership dues.
  • The National Area Council Committee (NACC) is composed of 2-4 representatives of member organizations who are from each area of the club.
  • The representatives are volunteers from the local board and oversee the area councils.
  • For each area council, there is a minimum of one board member and the CEO of each member organization in the specific geography of the area council.
  • These area councils serve as the link between the club and the member organizations.
  • The club has around 72 employees under its marketing division.
  • It has around 12 employees in its accounting division.
  • Its Finance function has 24 employees.