Research Outline

Orthodontic Market


To understand the orthodontic market in the US.

Early Findings

  • Most market research around segmentation and the orthodontics market was available on a global scale, but it stills gives us an idea on how this market breaks down and is growing.
  • The invisible orthodontics market was valued at $2.2 billion in 2017, with an expected CAGR of 13.4% until 2026.
  • Some key drivers of the invisibles market is increased acceptance among adults, emerging APAC market, increased incidence of malocclusion in teenagers and proven advantages in hygiene and convenience.
  • Teens are expected to have the highest growth in invisible orthodontics when segmented by patient age.
  • The global fixed orthodontics market as a whole measured at around $1.5 billion in 2016, with a predicted 8.3% CAGR until 2023. Children (including teens) have always been the dominant group for this market and are expected to continue as such. In fact, the graph on the free sample implies the market share of children will actually grow.
  • Brackets are the largest segment of fixed orthodontics and are predicted only to increase this market share.
  • The highest growth in fixed orthodontics will be seen in the APAC region, with a predicted CAGR of 9.8%.
  • A market research report for orthodontics as a whole says the adult segment is expected to grow with the highest CAGR of 11.5%.
  • GM Insights's report states, "[The] U.S. market is expected to witness 8.8% growth due to increasing number of teenagers and adults opting for orthodontic treatment, growing adoption of invisible and removable braces, favorable reimbursement policies and extensive insurance coverage."


We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
Global Orthodontics Market, by patient (Meticulous Research, section 6, $534.31)
Global Invisible Orthodontics Market, by product (TechNavio, section 7.1, $345)
If you'd like us to purchase any of these reports on your behalf, just let us know!

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