Research Outline

Overseas Real Estate Industry


To determine answers to the following questions for New Zealand , United States of America , Canada , Singapore , Hong Kong , and United Kingdom:
  • What main/major property database/directories, real estate agents use to research and prospect for new business (eg. Australia's one is Corelogic RpData / APM Pricefinder) ( (
  • If property owner's contact details are sometimes missing from the property data (see how you can find this out, get sample data if you can or reviews/feedback/frustrations expressed by real estate agents)
  • See if the issue is because of the Privacy Laws for that particular country that forces the main property databases/directories to not reveal all of the property owner's contact details, and forces the real estate agent to become a private investigator and complete the research themselves (eg. Australia has the Privacy Act 1988 - / and Do Not Call Register - both which is the reason why RpData / Pricefinder do not reveal property owner's contact details for some properties that are searched)
  • What other search directories they use to compliment/complete the property owner's contact details (eg. Australian real estate agents use: WhitePages - / Pipl - / Google / skip tracing tools like Detective Desk - / ASIC Company Search - / etc.)

Early Findings