Research Proposal

Nintendo: Marketing Strategy


To understand an overview (or key components) of Nintendo's North American marketing strategy.

Early Findings

  • Nintendo recently announced that the sales of its Switch console in North America had exceeded 15 million. This figure includes the original console and Nintendo's "newer, portable-only Switch Lite".
  • Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart have broken records on Nintendo Switch. Also, their latest iterations are "selling faster than any other games in the series".
  • The Switch console has now sold more units than Wii U which recorded sales of 13.56 million worldwide.
  • Compared to the same month last year, Switch sales increased by 20% this September.
  • Nintendo was able to boost its sales by releasing a newer and cheaper version of the console.
  • Prior to the debut of Nintendo's Switch on March 3, 2017, retailers were struggling to meet demand. While boosting production to meet demand, Nintendo also "created a steady stream of hype ever since the big Switch reveal".
  • Nintendo took its marketing very serious while promoting Switch. Talk shows and pop-up demos were organized across the United States.
  • Rather than taking advantage of the holiday season to launch its new game, Nintendo kept on boosting the game's publicity and focused "on building a solid fan base and developer community that will last".
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