Research Outline

Tea Market: Canada


To provide an overview of the Canadian tea market including the market size, main brands, distribution channels, and a list of the best sources that provide the information. This will be used to provide a high-level market overview to aid a potential client who is a distributor of a main tea brand from the UK.

Early Findings

Market Size

Main Brands

  • According to Euro Monitor, major brands include Davids Tea Inc and Tata Global Beverages Canada Inc.
  • Market Data Forecast profiled the North American market, which comprised the US and Canada. The report showed that some of the key market leaders in North America include Tata Global Beverages Canada Inc, Unilever, Associated British Foods, TAETEA, Nestle, Barry's Tea, Apeejay Surrendra Group, Bettys & Taylor's Group, McLeod Russel, and ITO EN Inc.

Distribution Channels

  • While these are not for the Canadian market, the distribution channels for the global tea market include supermarkets/hypermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores, online stores, and others. "The supermarket/hypermarket was the most prominent segment accounting for the highest share in the tea market in 2019. This can be attributed to options such as the one-stop solution provided by these retail formats that make it a very popular option for shopping for consumers."

List of the Best Sources

  • While there are market research companies such as Statista, Allied Market Research, and Grandview Research that offer reports on the Canadian tea market, including the size, growth, drivers, segmentation, and competitive set, the reports are premium.
  • The Tea Association of Canada also conducts proprietary research but their reports can only be accessed by registered members.


  • During our one-hour preliminary research, the research identified and provided the market size of the Canadian tea market, and some major brands in the market and North American region (which may likely include Canadian brands). However, there is limited information on the segmentation of the market based on the distribution channels. Further research into the distribution channels of popular brands may be required to gain an understanding of the distribution channels of the market in general.
  • Lastly, there wasn't any list of resources that freely provides a high-level overview of the requested market, as they are behind a paywall. Hence, further research will have to conducted to address the project by synthesizing information from other or multiple resources.