Research Proposal

Paid Search Manager Benchmarking


Benchmark the role of a Paid Search Manger or SEM Manager for a potential candidate with 2 years experience in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Early Findings

  • In the United States, the average salary for a paid search manager is $68,502. In Chicago, the average is $73,900. A paid search manager in New York City makes, on average, $81,824/yr. The low end is $66K and the high is $92K.
  • A position announcement for a paid search manager in Baltimore, MD called for 6+ years of experience, certification in Google Adwords and Analytics, as well as experience with marketing metrics.
  • A "Paid Search (SEM) Manager" for Merkle Inc. in Pittsburgh requires 3-4 years of SEM experience, autonomy, flawless attention to detail. This position also pointed out the need for experience working with social media search engines.
  • Another paid search manger (this one is from NJ) is profiled on YouTube, while simply a random person, it is clear from his background that the Google Adwords certifications are standard.
  • Two paid search team members go through what kind of information they require from clients. Their lingo and discussion showed that any paid search team member must be comfortable discussing analytics and how those analytics affect growing businesses.
  • Skills a paid search manager needs include the ability to communicate verbally and in-writing, storytelling, attention to detail, analytical thinking, skilled in Excel/spreadsheets, basic coding, risk taker, likes to learn.
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