Research Proposal

Management Pain Points


To understand the pain points for managers in compliance-heavy industries.

Early Findings

  • Some pain points are common across industries (like GDPR and SOC 2) but there are others that are more unique to each industry.
  • For example, HIPAA compliance is for healthcare, cybersecurity more towards finance, PCI DSS compliance towards retail, and so on.
  • A common pain point is finding the balance between revenue protection and risk mitigation.
  • Endpoint personnel often struggle with audits seemingly out of nowhere and high-level policies made by those with no real understanding of how the workload trickles down.
  • Cybercrime seems to be a concern across industries and organizational levels.
  • One pain point for compliance for endpoint management is achieving proper training and knowledge levels for employees. Managers must focus on building a "culture of compliance" from the ground up.
  • Employees should be encouraged to raise compliance and risk issues with their managers as a pre-emptive measure.

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