Parent Consumer Journey


The goal is to find consumer journey statistics for expectant parents, new parents, established parents, and people shopping for baby shower gifts. This information will help in seeing how the journey is different between the groups.

Early Findings

  • Mothers are more likely to rely on online reviews when considering products to purchase for their children. Fathers are more likely to rely on traditional advertisements such as TV commercials when making the same decisions.
  • Only 22% of first-time parents used every baby item they bought or received for their child. One study found that brands should build "emotional connections" with these parents to avoid having their items go unused or returned.
  • 39% of mothers are more likely to turn to social media to research a potential purchase for their child than they are a search engine.
  • Social media is key to parent consumer journeys. 51% of parents use social media to get ideas when shopping for their children's clothing. 85% of parents use social media to aid them when shopping in-store.
  • 55% of new moms are more likely to purchase a product if they read positive reviews about it online.
  • First-time mothers also often rely on word-of-mouth from friends who have had children when getting product recommendations.
  • Think With Google makes an observation that brands need to focus less on marketing to demographics alone, such as parents, because they may miss out on people shopping for baby shower gifts that way.

Proposed next steps:

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