Research Outline

Parental Behavior Trends


To find current and future trends surrounding parenting.

Early Findings


1-Gender Reveals

  • A practice of revealing the gender of the baby-to-be, by throwing a party for close friends and relatives, has been trending in recent times.
  • This practice has taken up a certain hype over the last few years.
  • People look towards gender reveal parties as another reason to celebrate and be happy, hence the trend has been getting a grip.

2-Limited Screen Time

  • Kids these days are extremely engaged in mobile devices for which parents are now taking action.
  • Studies show that uncontrolled screen time can cause sleep disorder, obesity and many other health issues, which has urged parents to take action.


1-Going Gender Neutral

  • Parents may start giving less preference to gender-specific toys/accessories for their children.
  • Beginning from the name of the child to his/her clothes and even party themes will be gender neutral.
  • This trend is being driven by parents thinking that this practice may give the child complete liberty to follow his/her aspirations rather than the ones imposed by the society.

2-Social Media Boycott

  • Parents will increasingly favor quitting social media for their children.
  • This trend will be driven by parents thinking social media is getting too distracting/invasive and they are unable to pay undivided attention to their children.