Research Outline

Activity Planning Process for Parents


To develop a marketing strategy for parents at a local theme park by understanding how parents choose and plan activities for their families.

Early Findings

  • According to a 2018 Morning Consult report, 78% of millennial parents and 75% of non-parents were more likely to indicate interest in visiting a theme park the following year.
  • Unlike parents who are baby boomers, millennials grew up visiting theme parks. As a result, these millennials (with or without kids) still view theme parks as attractive vacation destinations.
  • A poll conducted by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital reveals that one in five parents do not speak with their children about safety issues at amusement parks. These safety conversations hardly occur especially in terms of what to do if their kids get lost.
  • Almost 90% of parents mentioned, "that their child had to stay with them or another adult at all times".
  • Six percent of parents said they usually "set check-in times to make contact, either in person or by phone". Also, about 79% of parents said they spoke with their child regarding what to do if that child got lost or was separated from the parent.
  • Omnico conducted research which reveals that more than 71% of parents would like a theme park app installed on their children’s phones as a means of having a clear picture of their kids' whereabouts.
  • Fifty percent of all parents want phone apps to allow them to limit their children's spending.