Online Safety; Parent's Perspective


To get 3-4 bullet points about what parents claim they fear most when it comes to their child's safety online.

Early Findings

Our first round of research unveiled the following information:

Pew Research

  • According to a Pew Research survey, parents of younger teens are more concerned about their online activities and tend to monitor them on a regular basis.
  • Parents are concerned mostly about harassment, bullying, and explicit content, and they are worried about the long screen time, too. 57% of parents surveyed by Pew Research in the US stated that "they worry a lot or some about their child receiving or sending explicit content or messages online, 59% of the parents were worried about their child being bullied or harassed online. 65% of parents were concerned about their child spending too much time on the phone.
  • Nearly 52% of parents said that they used parent controls for monitoring their child's online activities.
  • Other findings from the research survey can be found here.


  • Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company, and it recently published the findings from its global survey of parents and their thoughts about online security.
  • "84% of parents worldwide are worried about their children's online safety."
  • "According to the parents surveyed by Kaspersky, some of the most prominent online threats for their children include being exposed to harmful content, such as sexual or violent (27%); experiencing internet addiction (26%); and receiving anonymous messages or content inciting them to carry out a violent or inappropriate activity (14%)."
  • Other findings from the research survey can be found here.


  • AgeChecked surveyed 1500 parents in the United Kingdom and found out that 58% of parents were worried about their children sharing embarrassing content online, nearly 71% of the parents were worried about their child's activities on social media.
  • "57% of parents stated that the current online age restriction protocols are not effective enough, and 60% wanted better age controls on social media channels to keep their children safe." Other findings from the research survey can be found here.

Ofcom UK

  • A report published by Ofcom UK highlighted that one of the most significant concerns for parents of "5 to 15-year-olds who use the internet is 'companies collecting data about what their child is doing online' (50% of parents are concerned about this)." 41% of parents stated that they were worried about their children giving personal details to inappropriate people online."
  • 40% of the surveyed parents were worried about cyberbullying, and 29% feared about their child being radicalized online. 29% of parents were worried about the content of online video games.

Summary of Findings

  • Our background research was able to provide the most recent and relevant information, and we have not restricted our research to a particular country. We have included info from surveys that were conducted in the United States and the United Kingdom, and we have also included information from global surveys.

Proposed next steps:

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