Digital Validation Tools


In order to prepare a talk for a course on entrepreneurship, compiled a slideshow of ten simple digital tools and/or tactics that can be used to validate new business concepts.

Early Findings

The Validation Board

  • The Validation Board is a free, one-page tool to help start-ups validate their idea without wasting any money or time.
  • It was created in 2012 by The Lean Startup Machine and is based on founder Eric Ries methodology and the observation of over 500 startups.
  • The tool is free to use online, or costs $4 to print in black and white. A color print of it costs $50.
  • The tool helps startups ensure that their idea will be useful to consumers. It leads entrepreneurs through the process of forming hypothesis about the problem they want to solve, listing assumptions, testing the assumptions, defining success, and then deciding if the assumptions are valid and if the idea is worth moving forward with.

Validation Canvas

These findings have been compiled into this slideshow.

Research proposal:

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