Twitch Partner Marketing


To identify priority partner categories that Twitch would aim to increase its user base.

Early Findings

  • To identify partner marketing categories for Twitch, it would make sense to find areas other than video game streaming that interest Twitch's audience.
  • By adopting that strategy, Twitch expanded into streaming entertainment. Now, Twitter has more average users in those categories as compared to several cable networks.
  • Twitch's marketing team found that its audience was also interested in several other categories including "anime, vlogging, comedy, and the creative arts."
  • By finding overlapping interests, not only can Twitch expand the avenues for their existing audience, but it can also attract audiences from those categories.
  • Another example of overlapping interests is Twitch's partnership with Teespring, a platform that allows creators to design and sell merchandise. Twitch users can browse merchandise without leaving the Twitch page.
  • While Teespring benefits from Twitch users browsing their channels, the creators from Teespring encourage "their fanbase to subscribe to their Twitch stream with the promise of access to exclusive 'subscriber-only' merch, something that has not previously been possible.

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research touched on the categories that Twitch should develop partner marketing in, we recommend additional research to determine 2-3 partners in each category (anime, comedy, and creative arts) that Twitch should partner with. We will exclude brands/platforms already included during the initial research. For each potential partner we find, we will provide the name of the partner, the rationale behind selecting that partner, and the structure of the partnership (i.e. How should the partnership be structured such that it is compelling to the partner to work with them but also so it helps grow Twitch's user base).
We also recommend additional research to determine the potential execution strategies for one brand from each category (anime, comedy, and creative arts) identified previously. We will explain the rationale for selecting the strategy including execution strategies that help in maximizing the impact of the partnership.