Research Outline

Twitch Partner Marketing


To identify priority partner categories that Twitch would aim to increase its user base.

Early Findings

  • To identify partner marketing categories for Twitch, it would make sense to find areas other than video game streaming that interest Twitch's audience.
  • By adopting that strategy, Twitch expanded into streaming entertainment. Now, Twitter has more average users in those categories as compared to several cable networks.
  • Twitch's marketing team found that its audience was also interested in several other categories including "anime, vlogging, comedy, and the creative arts."
  • By finding overlapping interests, not only can Twitch expand the avenues for their existing audience, but it can also attract audiences from those categories.
  • Another example of overlapping interests is Twitch's partnership with Teespring, a platform that allows creators to design and sell merchandise. Twitch users can browse merchandise without leaving the Twitch page.
  • While Teespring benefits from Twitch users browsing their channels, the creators from Teespring encourage "their fanbase to subscribe to their Twitch stream with the promise of access to exclusive 'subscriber-only' merch, something that has not previously been possible.