Research Outline

Doctor Patient Relationship


To find initiatives targeted at improving doctor/patient relationships and/or transitioning from one doctor to another.

Early Findings

Augmedix EHR

  • Augmedix provides charting services that convert normal doctor-patient interaction into real-time medical charts, enabling doctors to focus on patient care. Augmedix includes hardware (Smartphones or Google Glass) which livestreams the clinic visit securely to its online platform.
  • Augmedix improves doctor-patient interaction by eradicating the need for a doctor to spend a lot of time everyday typing or performing cumbersome dictations and allowing the doctor and patient to interact naturally.
  • Doctors who have used Augmedix reported that they have saved 1.5-2 hours of their time per day and experienced a 60% rise in overall satisfaction by their patients.


  • Doctella is a "home-based patient engagement and remote care automation platform". It offers a "complete end-to-end home care solution, allowing clinicians to create and manage treatment plans, patient schedules, and patient data flow using automated, customizable CarePrograms™, home device data aggregation, and a web-based provider dashboard".
  • CarePrograms are made available to patients via an app (both iOS and Android) which is dynamically updated through patient input, from both self-reported data and data collected from connected devices.
  • Doctella improves doctor-patient communication by providing patients with pre-op information and can enter specific instructions on the electronic calendar of a patient with notification and auto-reminder.
  • Early results from the usage of the app show that it reduces the cancellations of surgery by 60%.